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Arrest Warrant Checks - Is It Right To Substitute A Jury For Evidence?

Posted by Steve Gee on Thursday, June 2, 2011, In : Arrest Warrants 
How do I get convicted for something I haven't done

Recent technology advances in the field of forensic science have brought about a rash of convictions based on detecting suspects involved cases that have been cold for years. Most notable of these advances are in the field of DNA profiling where your DNA can be matched to that found at scenes of crimes that were committed decades ago. This, together with the alarming passion with which police officers now collect peoples DNA for entry into...
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Finding Arrest Records Public and Free Leads to Peace of Mind

Posted by Steve Gee on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, In : Arrest Warrants 
Search Free Arrest Warrants at

You've met someone new, or you've just discovered that your son or daughter is getting married to someone you don't know well. Maybe you want to hire an after school sitter for your child, or you have a new renter for a property you own. These people all seem great, but you never know for sure what lies beneath the surface. It's time to check out arrest records public and free that are available to all of us.

Knowing if this new person in your lif...
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Search Free Arrest Warrants - How to Find Warrants affordably

Posted by Steve Gee on Saturday, October 31, 2009, In : Arrest Warrants 
Free arrest warrant checks

If you think that you might have an arrest warrant because you forgot to pay a fine or you failed to turn up in court when you should have done or for any other reason that you might know about then you can search free arrest warrants by simply asking at the courthouse where the warrant was issued. You can do this with no cost to yourself. If you don't know where the warrant might have been issued then you can still search for it online for a small fee.

Finding ...
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Active Arrest Warrants - How To Find Warrants For Arrest

Posted by Steve Gee on Sunday, October 11, 2009, In : Arrest Warrants 
Never ask a cop if there is an arrest warrant out on you

If a police officer knows that there is a warrant of arrest issued on you then he will most likely arrest you on the spot. So the last thing you want to do if you think you have a warrant is to ask a cop to look it up. If you get arrested then you've just missed your chance to do something about the court order before you get arrested.

Have you forgotten to pay a fine? Do you even know that you have a fine? Have you been driving too...
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