How to get a background check on your boyfriend

Do you suspect that there may be more to your boyfriend than meets the eye? Have you seen signs that he isn't telling you the whole truth? Are you reluctant to take your relationship to the next level until you know more about him? Whatever your reasons it's always a good idea to do a background check on your partner. Hopefully it will set your mind at rest and you can get on with being happy together. Here's how to get a background check on your boyfriend.

First steps in checking out your boyfriend

You can do an online background check on anyone at any time but you don't have to check out your new boyfriend the moment that you meet him. You can leave it until you've had a good chance to talk to him and hear about his background from him.

Take your time about the questioning. Little and often generally works best and it won't sound as if you are giving him the third degree. There shouldn't be any tension in this process. If there is then maybe this is a sign that all is not as it seems perhaps.

You can also talk to his relatives and and any mutual friends that you might have. This is often a good place to find out what someone is really like. You will often find that people will happily tell you good things about someone but will be strangely quiet when there is something bad that should be said. If you find this then you should definitely get a background check done on your boyfriend.

Should you use a private investigator to check out your boyfriend?

The traditional way to get a background check done on someone is to hire a private detective (PI) to dig up the information for you. This is an effective method and if you use a good PI they can be very thorough with their investigations.

Private detectives can get expensive however. This is because you are effectively hiring someone to do a job for you. If you end up going through this loop a few times with successive boyfriends then you better make sure that you can afford it first.

Doing background checks using online public records

Instead of paying for a private detective every time you need a background check done why not use an online service that gathers billions of public records and makes them all available to you for a small fee. Imagine that - you can go online and do practically the same as a private eye would do and you can do it in seconds too.

Today you can use web sites that accumulate information from hundreds of different sources. They collect public records by reaching out to every source they can get their hands on including some databases that you would find very difficult to access in any other way.

Web sites like this solve the problem of knowing where to look for the information you need when you are trying to use free public records. They've already done the work for you and brought all the information to you in one easy to use web site.

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