You often can't find someone's birthday by asking them

There's only one thing that people hate more than growing old and that's letting other people know that they're getting older. People often lie about their age so that they can give the impression of being younger than they really are.

Of course if you are very young it's more common for you to try and give the impression that you're older and more mature than you really are. This is another reason why you might lie about your age. There's probably an optimum age when you don't mind telling your real age but I think most people race through this period very quickly.

So if you want to send someone a birthday gift or you need to know their true age for some reason how do you find out what it is without causing embarrassment?

Be very discreet when trying to find out someone's date of birth

Often people don't want you to know how old they are because they take pride in their youthful looks and outlook. They might even lie about their age to add to the illusion. In fact lying about your age must be one of the most common 'white lies' there is. It might even be the most common lie that anyone makes. You can't just walk up to someone and ask, "How old are you?" because you can potentially cause a lot of embarrassment and you can't rely on getting a truthful answer in any case.

You have to be discrete if you want to find someone's birthday. You need to find a way to look up their birth record without letting them know that you're doing it. You can't ask them directly and you can't ask their friends either. Friends might feel that they're betraying a trust or they might not know the true age of the person anyway. Luckily there is a way to do this using the Internet. See below.

Is there anyone you could ask about this persons date of birth?

You might be able to ask close friends or relatives of the person but I think that you need to know them very well before you do. You could look up their birth records if you knew where to go to find it but that seems like a lot of hard work to me.

If you are close to friends or relatives of the person then they might be prepared to give you the information that you are looking for but they might not even know the answers. They might think that they know their age but they are way off without knowing it.

How to find someone's date of birth quick, easy and discrete

Vast amounts of information about us all including your date of birth are now stored in databases much of which are available to you to access if you only knew which database you needed and where to go to find it. The problem is knowing how to do the searches and having the time to do it.

Don't worry because help is at hand. It's now possible to access hundreds or thousands of databases consisting of literally billions of records about you and almost anyone you can think of. You can do all of this by using a single website which makes the whole process much more attractive.

Access Free Public Records And Background Checks
Use this web site to do an unlimited number of background checks on as many people as you want. This is often the simplest way of finding someone's data of birth without embarrassing yourself.

How To Find People And Birthdays?
Time is a healer they say but it has a lot to answer for when it makes you forget about people. Luckily it's never been easier to find people than it is now. You can find out all about their background including their birth date is most cases.

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You don't have to stop when you've located someone and looked up their birth date. You can do a criminal background check and an arrest warrant check at the same time.