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You've met someone new, or you've just discovered that your son or daughter is getting married to someone you don't know well. Maybe you want to hire an after school sitter for your child, or you have a new renter for a property you own. These people all seem great, but you never know for sure what lies beneath the surface. It's time to check out arrest records public and free that are available to all of us.

Knowing if this new person in your life is on the up and up is important. Sad as it is, there are those who have a not so great past that might make a difference to you. Many think that it's impossible to get the low-down on others. It's not. You can find out about the arrest records of just about anyone - and they can also find out if you have an arrest record, too - for free. Click here to check warrants for arrest

An arrest record is considered public unless the court for some reason seals the record. This is uncommon. In most cases, if someone has been arrested for anything, whether it's a serious offense or one that might be viewed as less serious, the record of that arrest is open to the public.

If you know where and how to look for free public arrest records, they can be a big help to you when you're trying to make personal and business decisions. Arrest records public and free can come from a number of different sources.

First of all, your local police department can provide you with arrest records, and your county and state police organizations, as well as other law enforcement entities can too. Each law enforcement agency will have differing requirements for getting arrest records, but because these records are public, you do have access to them.

Another place to look for free public arrest records is through services that specialize in providing this kind of information to the public. You can find arrest records, court records, employment and property ownership records, among other types of information.

A company that specializes in searching for and providing this kind of information uses computer and Internet technology to search vast databases that can contain information on virtually anyone. You need only to provide some basic information so the search can begin.

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Basic searches are usually free. More extensive searches and reports may have a price tag attached to them, but often the basic searches provide enough insight so that you know whether you want to proceed further, or end your search for arrest records there. Depending on what you're searching for and why you're searching for it will determine how deeply you want to delve into public records.

Because the world is becoming more and more connected, people are increasingly mobile and virtually all the information about arrest records, court records and everything else is at our fingertips via computers and the internet, there is no reason that you should hesitate to seek out the arrest records public and free on anyone that you need to know more about.

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