This is an enjoyable and fun way to find people

Did you know the person well but you've drifted apart? Is it an old flame that you would like to meet up with again? Maybe it's a new date and you want to find out more about them. Can I find a person by using name only? Yes I've found that you can do just that in a lot of cases. I will tell you about the system that I use to find people and when you try it out you might find that you get to enjoy it.

Is there a secret system of locating people using the Internet?

Information is the key. Knowledge is power but it isn't just knowledge that empowers you - it's the way that you use that knowledge. All kinds of interesting facts about people are now stored in databases all over the place. Much of it is freely available to you as public records. Your problem is knowing how to access all of this information in a way that will help you to find someone, even when you only have their name.

The truth is out there - Search billions of public records in no time at all

There is a very good chance that the clues you need to find the people you are looking for are out there somewhere. Somewhere in a database that you have the right to use as long as you know where it is and what you are looking for.

But public records are kept in all sorts of places. Some of it is online and some of it isn't. What you need is a kind of public library database that exists for the purpose of bringing all that information into one place and giving you the means to search through it all in super quick time.

You might not be surprised to find that library databases like this do exist. After all, if you want to find someone then it's a good chance that many others like you want to find missing persons or background information too. You do have to pay for this service but if you pick the right library database web site then it can be very cost effective.

Unlimited background checks - Essential for finding people using name only

There are now quite a few web sites that will give you access to free public records and I've found a couple of good ones. One of them allows you to do an unlimited number of public records and background searches in exchange for a very reasonable monthly fee. If you are trying to find someone and you only have their name to go on then you have to be prepared to do a number of background searches before you find the right person and that can get expensive if you have to pay for every search that you do.

here is another secret that I discovered when I first used a site that gives me free public records searches - It's a whole lot of fun! You can spend hours looking up people and background information. Friends, neighbors, hired help and their neighbors and relatives too. It never stops and some of the stuff you can find will blow you away.

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