How do I deal with arrest warrants for speeding offences?

For many years now the police have been using radar speed traps to catch you exceeding the speed limit. If you get caught in a trap then the police send you a citation in the post and if you don't get it for some reason or you just ignore it then eventually you will probably get an arrest warrant issued.

Laser speed traps

More recently they've been using laser speed guns in place of radar. Laser speed detectors are more accurate than radar but they are also much more difficult to defend against if you are a driver. You can easily obtain a radar detector to put in your car which will warn you when approaching a radar trap but it won't detect laser guns.

These are just two of a number of ways you might get caught while exceeding the speed limit and you will often be quite unaware that you've been caught. You probably didn't even realise that you were speeding anyway.

Don't ignore a ticket

Doing nothing about speeding tickets leads to a warrant for your arrest then the first thing you know about it is a police officer knocking at your door to arrest you. You can enquire at your courthouse regularly but that will only work if you offended in your area. You might have picked up a warrant in a different state.

Arrest warrant public records database

The easiest and quickest way to find out if you have an arrest warrant is to subscribe to an online public records database that specialises in finding out as much information about you from thousands of different sources. All this information is then available to you to search in less than 10 minutes. It's so quick and easy it makes it a breeze to check regularly and stay ahead of the law.

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