How many criminals are living close to you?

Have you ever wondered if any of the people living by you have criminal records or arrest warrants? How would you know if they did? They all look just like regular folk don't they?

Perhaps you think that there aren't any criminals around you or if there are then they've done their time and you've nothing to fear from them. In any case there can't be that many of them can there? Well something that I was told recently made me think that this might not be true and that I should be taking it more seriously.

If you get a warrant and move state then you don't get caught

This is what I was told by someone that I met casually recently. We got to talking about arrest warrants, saying how easy it was to get one and then get arrested and how much upset and stress it can cause, not to mention the punishment if you're found guilty.

He told me that it was easy to avoid getting arrested if you got an arrest warrant. All you have to do is move out of the state and the police can't be bothered to chase you. All criminals know this I was told and this person said that he knew a lot of people that lived locally but traveled to other neighboring states to commit their crimes. They hardly make it into court and jail because it's just too expensive to come after them.

Then the person confessed to me that both he and his wife had warrants in another state from years back and the've never been caught. Now I was worried! The thought that it was possible for criminals to avoid capture like this was one thing but someone openly discussing it with me was something else entirely.

There might be more criminals around you than you thought

You probably thought that most criminals get caught sooner or later which meant that the chances of you coming in contact with them was low. This is what I thought too but the conversation wwith this stranger has opened my eyes. There could be a lot more people with criminal records or arrest warrants living in your area than you thought.

Do background checks on everyone

Ever since I had that conversation with the stranger I've been doing background checks on people that I know and anyone that I might consider hiring to do any work for me. I've found that it's real easy to do online using free public records and some of the things that you can find out about people are very interesting. You can find out if they have arrest warrants or criminal records, whether they are married or not, where they live and where they used to live, whether they have been made bankrupt and all sorts of things.

It doesn't take 5 minutes to do an online background check on someone so why not start checking people out today. You know it makes sense and you might regret it if you don't.

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