If you lose your identity to a thief then you can get an arrest warrant

Identity theft is something that you have to live through before you can fully understand how much it will devastate your whole life. Your money can disappear, your credit rating can get shattered and in some cases, it can even get you an arrest warrant. Yes there are things that you can do to reduce the risk of it happening to you but if someone is determined enough then in many cases it's very easy for a thief to assume your identity. The best thing that you can do is to be on the lookout for signs that your identity has been stolen. In most cases the problems get worse the longer the situation goes undetected so the earlier that you can catch it the better it will be for you.

The Internet has grown rapidly over the last few years and with the increase in information available online and the more willing you and I are to do things online then the more opportunities are presented to thieves. Never before has there been so many ways to commit crimes because of it.

This situation isn't helped by the fact that governments seem to be determined to get all of your information online in the name of 'increased security' or 'counter terrorism'. In my opinion, it does the exact opposite in providing more and more opportunities for crimes to be committed. Add to this the fact that governments seem to be incapable of acting responsibly with our information. Sooner or later they end up losing it, having it stolen or even selling it on.

But how can you get an arrest warrant when your identity is stolen?

When you get your identity stolen you might assume that the thief will help him or herself to the money in your bank account or take out a loan in your name that you will then become liable for. You might start getting bills for hire cars and all sorts of other stuff that you never ordered. The idea that you could also end up with an arrest warrant for something that you never did might not even cross your mind but it is possible.

If a thief steals your identity and then goes and commits a crime of some sort and gets caught, he or she will have to give personal details to the police. If an identity thief gets caught then do you think that he would give the police his own details or use a stolen identity? Most likely it's your details that the police will have on file when the thief skips bail and the arrest warrant is issued. The warrant will be for you and not the thief.

Of course the police should always verify the ID of someone they have just arrested but they don't always have enough time to do that. If the thief was good at what he did then he would surely be able to satisfy any superficial scrutiny of the ID.

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