Discover your arrest warrants and save yourself a lot of trouble and money

When did you last check to see if you've got any outstanding arrest warrants? You've probably never even given it a thought but have you ever considered what might happen if there are any warrants out on you? One day there will be a knock on the door and there will be a cop standing there ready to take you to jail. You'll appear before a court who will know that you had to be tracked down by the police. You could lose time from work, more money than you need to in fines and a whole lot of stress. I'm going to give you 3 simple ways of checking for arrest warrants so that you can save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

The worst part about it all is that you might not know that you've done anything wrong that could cause you to gain a warrant. It might be a simple parking fine that you've forgotten to pay or a minor traffic offence. Perhaps you should have done some community service but missed it for some reason. You might have done the community service but just forgotten to inform the court that you have. Someone might have stolen your identity and committed a crime while impersonating you.

If you've got a warrant then you can't stop the process that will inevitably follow but you can minimize the effect of it on you. If you discover that you have a warrant before you get arrested then you have the opportunity to do something about it. Get a lawyer straight away and make arrangements with them to voluntarily hand yourself in. Simply doing this will show the court that you are trying hard to put things right and so will most likely treat you more lenient.

Here are 3 ways of finding out if you have a warrant for arrest. The first one is not recommended and should be avoided. The last one is quick, easy and convenient.

1. Ask a police officer - No don't do this

The easiest way to get yourself arrested if you have a warrant for your arrest is to ask a police officer to find out for you. If the officer learns that you do have a warrant then they will most likely arrest you on the spot. You've just handed them an arrest statistic on a plate. Of course you will have a lot less opportunity to make a good impression on the court now that you are in jail.

2. Make a visit to your courthouse

If you know which area you might have picked up a warrant in then you can pay a visit to the local courthouse and ask. They should be happy to give you details and you are less likely to get arrested than if you were to ask a police officer.

The problem with this approach is that you have to know where the warrant might be before you go and enquire. The fact is that you might have warrants anywhere. This is especially likely in the event of criminal identity theft where someone has stolen your name and details and committed an offence the other side of the country. How are you ever going to find those warrants? Don't worry there is a way.

3. Look up arrest warrants with an online public records database

The easiest and quickest way to find out if you have warrants is to use an online web site. You can do a check for your arrest warrants, or anyone else's for that matter in less than 10 minutes. It's convenient and confidential and because they accumulate records from hundreds or thousands of different public and private databases, there's a good chance that your warrant will be listed even if it was issued in a courthouse thousands of miles away.

You don't have to worry about getting arrested when you use an online service to find your warrants because most of the better sites are completely confidential. No one will know that you've been searching and no one else will see the results so it's completely safe.

When you find that there's an active warrant out on you go straight out and get yourself a lawyer to guide you through the process of giving yourself up and getting it all sorted out. It's miles better than getting arrested.

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