Check yourself for active arrest warrants today

Checking for active arrest warrants is one of the most important background checks you will ever do on yourself, or on anyone else for that matter. If you’ve got a warrant for arrest and you choose to ignore it then you could find yourself with a hefty fine or a vacation in jail. So you should care about warrants but what exactly is an arrest warrant?

There are 2 kinds of warrant that can get you arrested

There are two forms of warrant that you can get arrested for. There are Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants. Arrest Warrants are issued by a court when the police present adequate evidence that you might have committed a crime. They don't need much but it has to be enough to persuade a judge that you are implicated in a crime of some sort.

Bench Warrants on the other hand are issued by the court when you fail to do something that the court has told you to do like pay a fine, do community service or even just turn up on time. The courts just don't like to be disobeyed at the best of times so it's always best to follow instructions to the letter.

Being aware of arrest warrants when they’re issued is very important and could save you a lot of money or even prevent you getting arrested thrown into jail with an arrest record that will become a ball around your neck for the rest of your life. The first thing you should do is find out if you have a warrant for your arrest using an online public records database. If you do have one then you should get yourself a lawyer as soon as possible and arrange to hand yourself in.

getting arrested is something that you should avoid at all times. Why? because an arrest means an arrest record that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It will become an obstacle for you when appying for jobs and because arrest records are public records, anyone will be able to look you up and see that you have an arrest record. Now an arrest does not mean that you have been convicted but most people will not uderstand that.

Another more immediate consequence of getting yourself arrested is that it will start to cost you money for bail and for lawyers. When you are going through it it will seem like the pain will never stop. You are much better off avoiding the arrest situation if you can.

Give yourself up before they start chasing you

The trick is to give yourself up to the court before the police come looking for you. It will be the difference between walking into court voluntarily and being dragged in handcuffed by the police. Which of these two scenarios do you think will gain you the most sympathy and favourable treatment from the court?

Don’t waste time, check for arrest warrants now and make sure that you check regularly in the future. It could save you a lot of time, money and disappointment into the future.

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